Sarah Jay Hawley


A distinguished, international guest !
"Sarah Jay "SJ" Hawley is a soulful English art-pop electronica artist. Trip Hop band Massive Attack called upon her to write and sing "Dissolved Girl" on Mezzanine and "Wire", movie soundtrack to "Welcome to Sarajevo". An engaging performer, she was invited on tour with them to promote this album.

After her Warp records release, "Yeah You", SJ recorded and toured with producer Charles Webster in "Symmetrix", "Lo Rise" and "Presence", fuelling the youth revolution through the nineties with Deep House and Electronica.

From humble beginnings singing jazz and blues in the seaside town Skegness, SJ carved out a successful career as a session singer with eighty or so International releases and soundtracks."

She signed with DAMde8 a song that will be part of the album entitled "Major Jones".
Release of the 1st EP scheduled for October 1, 2022.