Michèle Havet


There is only one step from dermatologist to President.
From a very young age, her path has allowed her to rub shoulders with people evolving in the artistic world, whether in the family setting (songwriter, singer, dancer) or elsewhere.

At the age of 4, it was a Swedish painter neighbour who gave him his first box of paint! A certain perpetual curiosity about life, an open-mindedness, a great sensitivity, a pleasure to discover new things or techniques allow her to try to get out of her comfort zone and to
face new challenges.

For some forty years she has practised dermatology, which is an art based on knowledge and requires addressing the senses, emotions, intuitions and intellect.

Her interests are multiple due to her thirst for discovery: nature, music, cinema, painting, comics, ... but also DIY and good food!

Thanks to meetings and friendships, she has been able to open up to new horizons (as a companion!!), particularly in the world of high-level swimming competitions and regattas, and in the setting up and monitoring of concerts.

So much so, when meeting Denis Expert, his contagious enthusiasm about the project was one of the reasons why he joined the DAMde8 artistic movement.

It is a new adventure in which she believes.