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Dyonne plays Major Kami for the first French stages.
Dyonne is a singer-songwriter from Bordeaux now living in Angoulême. The pseudonym "Dyonne", adopted at the age of 18, is a tribute to Dionysus, the Greek god symbolising freedom, dissidence and the refusal of fatality.

After reading and dancing, which she has practised since the age of 8, it was at the age of 14 that she broadened her artistic palette to include writing and music. She formed her first R'NB group and performed on the urban stages of Bordeaux. At the same time a student (Sciences Po, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Santé Publique), she became assistant hospital director at the age of 26. She continued her artistic development and diversified her experiences through musical encounters in a variety of styles: studio recordings, concerts, festivals, choirs, musicals.... In 2016, she wrote and produced her first album, Racines, with her band Dyonne and the Deps.

It's through concerts and collaborations that Dyonne shapes her identity. Her career has taken in gospel, soul, reggae, folk and rock, all tinged with her Central African origins.

In 2021, following the health crisis and the death of her father, she decided to devote herself fully to music. She set up a keyboard/vocal duo playing pop soul covers, then obtained a diploma in vocal coaching and set up her own business. 

Her discovery of the Major Kami project echoed her artistic identity, and she soon met the producer and became the third performer to embody Major Kami. In 2024, Dyonne and her alter-ego Major Kami will embark on their first French tour.

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