Denis Expert


When birdsong meets David Bowie and The Who !
He says he was lulled to sleep by the song of the birds and the waves of the sea washing up on the wild beaches in summer, scattering their spray towards the fragrant canopy of the pines. Or maybe a fish dropped him on the reef because he couldn't stand hearing it anymore!

These sounds, these images, his imagination gave him the desire to play music and more particularly the drums.

At the age of 11 he fell under the spell of the albums Hunky Dory (David Bowie) and Tommy (The Who).

At the age of 14, he found himself a young musician, playing in numerous pop rock bands.

From opening acts for the group Bijou and the singer Sapho, to the big orchestras touring all over France, he learned and loved everything.

At the same time, he discovered his talents as a cabinetmaker and founded his own company.

A few years later, the idea came to him to create a collective of artists that he selected via social networks.

Always eager to meet new people, he decided to extend his research by asking artists from all over the world.

He composes the instrumental and vocal bases of most of the songs, while leaving the other composers who have signed with DAMde8, the place they deserve.

It is thanks to his dynamism, his curiosity, his optimism and his quirky spirit that this self-taught man allows himself to provoke situations addressed to foreigners when he only speaks French...with a Gascon accent!

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