Dan Burkhart


The man at the helm of electro-pop.
Born in Germany to a German father, a history teacher and concert performer, and a French mother, an organ player, he moved to France at the age of 8. Thereafter, he followed a technical path (electronics, electrical engineering) and an artistic path in parallel.

He started as a musician and singer (1st part of Dave Stewart, finalist of Printemps de Bourges...) and then decided to devote himself to arranging, recording and artistic and musical production, as he was not particularly attracted to the limelight.

He later founded Cryogene prod with Guillaume Thevenin (recording studio), and produced, among others, most of Odezenne's albums, co-produced and arranged John & the Vota's album ("Bad Dreams" 13 Reasons Why on/Netflix), Zebra Lova, recently Skorpion Dancer and many other electro pop rock indie projects.

He signed with the DAMde8 collective as co-composer, arranger and sound engineer for the Major Kami album.